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Baltimore Cop Tries To Save Baby During Protest

A Baltimore police officer tried to save a one-month-old baby's life during a protest against a police shooting.

The incident occurred on Nov. 26 at around 3 p.m. Baltimore Major Richard Gibson was on patrol near a protest when a one-month-old baby girl stopped breathing, the Daily Mail reported. The child was also reportedly bleeding from her nose.

The baby's mother, who was a part of the protest, had taken her into a pizza shop to feed her, police said in a statement. That's when she stopped breathing.

Major Gibson rushed into the pizza shop and performed CPR on the baby. A Facebook Live video recorded by Duane Davis captured the moments after Gibson tried saving the child. He appeared to be holding back tears.

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In the video, Davis thanked Gibson for his efforts.

"He did serve the community today, so I can’t beat him up on that one," Davis said in the clip. "The police did do something positive in the community today... today they served and protected the community."

The group of about 30 protesters had gathered to protest the police shooting of a man who was armed with two knives, according to the Daily Mail.

Despite the circumstances, several other protesters commended the officer for his bravery.

"This is hurting me to the core!" Baltimore youth commissioner Shawn Batson wrote on Facebook. "I all can remember is the lady running to me screaming I need your help the baby is dead! Thank you Major Gibson for coming to aid to help this family."

The baby was not successfully revived and a cause of death has not yet been determined, according to ABC News.

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Sources: Daily Mail, Duane G. Davis/Facebook, ABC News/ Photo Credit: Facebook via Daily Mail

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