Cop Threatens to Send Investigators to Man's Home if Video of Traffic Stop is on YouTube


A Texas State Trooper reportedly promised to send investigators to a motorist's home if he uploaded a video of their traffic stop encounter to YouTube.

The video (below) was uploaded today to YouTube by user "fthapolice1" who wrote:

This just happened in Roma, Texas. The driver was pulled over for following too close. The officer explains why he's making the stop and then says "Go ahead and turn your phone off."

When the driver objects, he says "That's alright, keep your phone on." And that he needs to get his information not to write a ticket, but in case the video ends up on YouTube he will "Know where to send the investigators."

According to, it is not clear if the state trooper, who was wearing a body camera, has sent investigators to the man's house since the video was uploaded this morning.

Sources: YouTube,


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