Cop Threatens To Kill Black Teen For Being On Lawn (Video)


An off-duty police officer was caught on video (below) threatening to kill a black teen who trespassed on his yard on June 24 in Lansing, Illinois.

The incident began when two teen boys got into a fight with some other boys, according to WGN. The two teens retreated to the officer's yard where one of the teens, 15-year-old Jordan Brunson, found himself pinned by the cop.

The officer cursed at Jordan and at the other teen, who was filming the incident: "You guys are on my f***ing property!"

After Jordan told the cop to let him go, the officer made his threat: "No, you are on my f***ing property. I could f***ing kill you."

The officer repeatedly told Jordan to tell his friend to come over with his cellphone, which the friend was using to film the incident.

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An unidentified woman walked out of the officer's home and told the teens that they came to the wrong house. She also told Jordan's friend to turn his phone off, but he kept filming.

The officer insisted he was trying to figure out what is going on, continued cursing at the teens and demanded that Jordan's friend come closer.

Jordan asked the officer why he was holding him down, and he replied: "Because your friend is being a f***ing idiot."

The cop got in Jordan's face and told him: "You're trespassing in my f***ing yard, you understand that?"

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Jordan told WGN that moments before the officer jumped him, he was trying to help his friend, who was sitting on the officer's porch after being injured in the fight with the other boys.

Jordan said that's when the officer suddenly grabbed him and his friend.

According to Jordan, the police officer never told the teens to get off his property and did not identify himself as a member of law enforcement.

Jordan's aunt, Lashawnya Brunson, posted the video of the incident on Facebook, and told WBBM: "Now, that is very disturbing to know that a police officer did this to a young boy."

"Where was his police instinct or his training to find out first what was going on with young guys?" Lashawnya asked. "That's an assault to a child."

"If he wasn't an officer, and just a regular man, would they do the same thing?" Lashawnya wondered. "I believe he'd be locked up."

WGN tried to get a comment from the officer on June 26, but he did not answer his door; there were two police officers in an unmarked car near the house.

The Lansing Police Department did release a statement to the news station:

An off-duty Lansing police officer, outside on his personal property, became involved when he was approached by two other subjects involved in the fight... One of the juveniles had visible minor injuries, and the other was temporarily detained for further investigation until the arrival of on-duty officers.

Jordan said the off-duty officer released him once the on-duty officers came to the scene. Jordan's family subsequently filed a police report against the off-duty officer.

WARNING: This video contains strong language.

Sources: WGN, WBBM / Photo credit: Mining Action Group/Flickr, Djuradj Vujcic/Wikimedia Commons, Marcus Quigmire/Flickr

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