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Cop Threatens To Beat, Kill, Falsely Charge Teens (Video)

A police video (below) of a cop threatening teens with death, beatings and the planting of false evidence at the Palmer Police Department in Massachusetts Feb. 27 has recently surfaced.

According to The Republican, Springfield detective Gregg Bigda and his partner, Luke Cournoyer, are seen on the video that was obtained by the news site.

The boys were originally questioned at the Palmer Police Department by Bigda and Cournoyer, and then taken to the Springfield Police Department about two hours later.

"Motherf*******, I'll charge you with killing Kennedy and f****** make it stick," Bigda shouted at one of the minors. "So don't f******* tell me what you're not going to get charged with. I'm not hampered by the f******* truth because I don't give a f****. People like you belong in jail. ... I'll f****** charge you with whatever I -- I'll stick a f***** kilo of coke in your pocket and put you away for f***** 15 years."

Hampden District Attorney Anthony Gulluni said in September that Bigda would not be criminally charged, noted The Republican.

However, three teens were charged with receiving a stolen motor vehicle.

"You know I'm going to beat the f**** out of you when we get back to Springfield ... because you just lied right to my face," Bigda told one boy.

Bigda also issued this threat: "When we hit that f******* line, I'm going to bloody your body."

Bigda went for a racist jab against one boy for being Hispanic: [Y]ou probably don't even know who your father is," and threatened to "crush his skull."

In another disturbing moment, Bigda told a boy: "Don't even f******** speak if you're going to lie to me, because I'll f****** kill you in the parking lot."

In an exchange that hinted at child sexual abuse, Bigda stated: "I know you know you're a juvenile, blah, blah, blah all that other s****, nothing's going to happen to ya. But you've got to remember -- you live in Springfield, right? ... So when I put you out there as the Police Department's bitch? And every time you f******** step your head out."

The death threat interrogation happened after the teens allegedly stole an undercover narcotics SUV that was left idling by an unidentified detective who went to pick up some pizza.

A police chase ensued that included speeds of 70 to 80 mph. The SUV was finally stopped after officers used "stop sticks."

The teens allegedly led officers on a foot chase that ended with a K-9 dog officer biting one of the boys, who required medical treatment.

Law enforcement experts told The Republican that the detectives were not seen reading the teens their Miranda rights, and may have violated the boys' civil rights by using threats and intimidation. There were no parents present during the interrogations. This could all add up to some massive lawsuits that taxpayers will have to pay for.

Springfield Mayor Domenic J. Sarno, who insists he has not seen the nearly-year-old video, told the police department to "seek as much disclosure as possible," and supported Springfield Police Commissioner John Barbieri's decision to suspend Bigda for 60 days earlier this year; Cournoyer was not disciplined.

According to The Republican, the video has been kept from public view for months by the Hampden District Attorney per an unusual confidentiality agreement. Then the Hampden District Attorney also refused to release the video because the footage would be an embarrassment to the police department.

Hampden Superior Court judge Tina S. Page described the Hampden District Attorney's actions as "borderline prosecutorial misconduct," but then came up with another reason to seal the video: to protect the privacy of the teens who were put through the ordeal by the police.

Despite numerous denials from local government officials, The Republican obtained the video footage this week and blacked out the teens' faces, which gives them privacy.



Sources: The Republican via MassLive (2) / Photo credit: The Republican via MassLive/YouTube

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