Cop Threatens To Arrest Journalist On Facebook


Apparently neither cops nor journalists can avoid Facebook drama.

The spat started when the city of Xenia, Ohio banned panhandling. Virgil Vaduva, a reporter at the Greene County Herald, went to protest the law by panhandling in front of City Hall - donating the $40 he raised to charity. However, he was charged with a misdemeanor for his actions and given court summons.

On the Greene County Herald’s Facebook page, Vaduva discussed his actions, but his exchange with police officer Paul Harris quickly heated up and Harris threatened to arrest Vaduva.

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Both Vaduva and Harris faced criticism for their actions and Facebook exchange.

“It sounds like officer Paul Harris is a p***y with a small p***s and a badge. I wish I was driving through your town. I’d give him an education on constitutional law. Any time, any place Paul Harris, you are a coward, with a badge,” user Dawson Boyd wrote, according to Inquisitr.

Dave Moseley was critical of Vaduva for getting involved in the story - an act that is almost universally considered inappropriate for journalists.

“I assumed it was still a newspaper standard that reporters and editors refrain from active involvement in the issues they cover, or might cover. I’ve had employee handbooks that stated as much. Is this a thing of the past?,” Moseley asked.

Either way, Harris could not arrest Vaduva for his actions in the city of Dayton, which he threatened to do. Harris’ jurisdiction is limited to Xenia.

Source: Inquisitr Image via Alex Promios/Wikimedia Commons


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