Cop Tells Black Men That He'll Shoot One Of Them (Video)


An unidentified police officer told a group of black men he would shoot one of them, possibly as an ill-timed joke, in Philadelphia (video below).

A WTXF viewer submitted the video to the Philadelphia FOX affiliate, which shows two white cops questioning a group of young, black men and then telling them to disperse.

The news station blurred the faces of the cops because they have not been identified. The faces of the black men were broadcasted.

One of the black men says in the video, "Come on y'all, they might be gonna shoot us," and one of the officers responds, "Not all of you, just one."

Philadelphia Police commissioner Richard Ross told the news station the comment was highly inappropriate, and added, "You already pointed out we're not sure who said it, but certainly the context does make one believe that it come from one of the police officers."

Ross promised off-camera there would be an investigation regarding the remark.

"Oh, it's tough," John McNesby with the Philadelphia Fraternal Order of Police added. 

"We're under-manned, under-equipped," McNesby continued. "The attitude towards police has changed everywhere around the country. We've seen that."

Asa Khalif of Philadelphia Black Lives Matter countered: "If we, myself, commit a crime, especially murder, I would be in jail, and I should be in jail when you kill someone. The same standard should be held for police. They are not above the law."

Police have killed 194 black people so far this year; there have been a total of 793 Americans killed by police in 2016, according to The Counted, an online project of The Guardian.

Police have killed at least 706 people in 2016, and are on track to kill as many Americans as they did in 2015, which was 990, according to the newspaper's database, The Washington Post reports.

The 2016 numbers also show so far this year there have been 30 police shootings recorded on dashboard cameras, which is at least twice as many as 2015 in total (14). Ninety shootings have been captured on body cameras in 2016, compared to the 71 filmed last year.

Sources: WTXF, The GuardianThe Washington Post / Photo Credit: WTXF via YouTube

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