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Man Asks Why Cop Wants Him To Exit His Vehicle, Cop Tases Him In Response (Video)

A Kansas man caught police officers tasing him on camera after he refused to get out of his vehicle during a stop.

The Free Thought Project reports that Zachary Noel was driving with a friend into Salina, Kansas for a convention when they went through a police checkpoint. The officer manning the check point walked up to the passenger window where Noel’s friend Steven was sitting and commented on the truck’s tinted window. He then pointed out that Noel was not wearing a seatbelt, and after thanking the officer for letting them know, the pair drove off without any issues.

Immediately after they started to drive off, two other officers on motorcycles appeared and pulled the pair over. It was then that Steven decided to begin recording the interaction.

An officer asked Noel to step out of the car, but Noel asked, “On what grounds?”

“Because I’m telling you to,” the officer replied.

The officer asked him to get out a few more times before suddenly pulling out his taser gun and shooting Noel. Police claim that in that moment, Noel was about to put his truck in drive and speed off, but Noel says those claims are false, noting that he has a floor shift manual vehicle.

Noel was arrested and charged with resisting arrest and driving under a suspended license, but to this day, he says both of those charges are false. Captain Mike Sweeney of the Salina Police Department said, in a statement, that Noel refused to exit the car and that the taser was used out of concern that he would flee the scene.

Check out the video captured by Noel’s friend below.

Sources: The Free Thought Project, Salina Post


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