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Cop Tases Firefighter Who Has Hands Behind Back (Video)

Clinton Walker, a Hillsborough County firefighter, was tased and kicked by police in the Del Mar Gastro Lounge in St. Petersburg, Florida, in the early morning hours of May 7 (video below).

Walker was accused of slugging and knocking another patron unconscious, but Walker insists surveillance footage will show that he was not the perpetrator, notes WFTS.

Walker was pointed out by an unidentified patron, and subsequently questioned by police.

Walker is seen on a cell phone video, filmed by a witness, placing his hands behind his back and showing his hands to St. Petersburg Police Officer Ruben DeJesus.

Walker told the news station that he was told by DeJesus to put his hands behind his back.

At that point, the DeJesus uses a Taser on Walker knocking him to the floor. DeJesus may have used the Taser three or four times on Walker. A bar surveillance video shows that DeJesus apparently kicked Walker, who said that he was kicked in the groin.

After being kicked and tased, Walker was charged with battery on a law enforcement officer.

Police say that Walker was combative and that DeJesus had to use the Taser to subdue him, which contradicts the video.

Robert Ramirez, another firefighter, was charged with obstructing or resisting law enforcement without violence. DeJesus is seen on a surveillance video grabbing a handcuffed Ramirez by the face for no apparent reason.

"He's literally is standing there with his hands behind his back and then they tasered him to the ground," Jerry Theophilopoulos, Walker's lawyer, told WFTS. "And then they continued to taser him."

Theophilopoulos believes his client was targeted because he wears a patch from the Outlaws motorcycle gang; other firefighters are also members.

Walker, a former Marine, says that he's proud to be a member of the Outlaws, and doesn't think they should be labeled a criminal organization by law enforcement.

"The video is clear as to who committed a battery on who, and it was officer DeJesus assaulting and battering my client," Theophilopoulos told WTVT.

St. Petersburg Police Department spokesperson Yolanda Fernandez countered: "From the minute the officer entered into the bar and was told that Mr. Walker was the one, we know now was wrong information, and he approached him, Mr. Walker did not cooperate. It escalated from there."

Walker is suing the St. Petersburg Police Department.

The Hillsborough County Fire Department placed Walker on administrative leave.

Sources: WFTS, WTVT / Photo credit: ABC Action News/YouTube

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