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Cop Takes Cell Phone Away From Driver Filming Him (Video)

A sheriff’s deputy recently took a cell phone from a man who was filming his traffic stop in Fort Myers, Fla.

The 25-year-old driver, who claims he has been stopped many times before by police, wanted to document this stop on video (below), reports The Blaze.

“We don’t need you calling people,” says the unidentified deputy before he takes the man's cell phone.

“The probable cause traffic stop, K9 alert, presence of a firearm, and [driver's name omitted]’s lack of candor created a scenario where the potential for [name omitted] to summon others to the scene via his cell phone was an officer safety concern,” Lee County Sheriff Mike Scott told Fox 4 in an email.

"it is a well documented fact that pagers, cell phones, and other commonly carried devices have in fact proven to be firearms," added Sheriff Scott, who provided a link to a YouTube video from six years ago in which a gun looks like a cell phone.

However, John Dezendorf of the Fowler Firearms and Gun Range told Fox 4, "That’s just one person that we’ve seen on YouTube, so we don’t know if that’s just a prototype."

The driver's lawyer Dave Shestokas stated, “He wasn’t doing anything to threaten the officer, and he wasn’t doing anything to interfere with their investigation."

Sources: The Blaze and Fox 4


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