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Cop Tackles Suspect Fleeing on Bike During Live TV Newscast (Video)

A police officer recently tackled a wanted suspect who was trying to flee on a bicycle in Sacramento, Calif.

The dramatic arrest was caught on video (below) during a live newscast by CBS Sacramento cameraman James Taylor on Monday.

Michael Kennedy, who is wanted for fleeing police, burglary and felony assault, was hiding from police officers in a neighborhood garage when he jumped on a bike and fled down a street, noted The Blaze.

However, a police officer leaped on Kennedy and pulled him to the ground.

Bystander Louis Buchetto helped hold down Kennedy until more police arrived.

“I am not letting go, and I’m doing everything I can to keep that guy subdued, holding his arm, holding his neck,” Buchetto told CBS Sacramento.

Ironically, the live newscast was about Kennedy, who allegedly fled from a police officer at a nearby light rail station.

Police had set up a perimeter in the neighborhood in order to catch Kennedy.

“The police were looking through all the houses, all the yards,” resident Scott Brennan told CBS Sacramento.

Sources: CBS Sacramento and The Blaze


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