Cop Suspended After Threatening to Kill People in Ferguson (Video)


A police officer was suspended today after videos surfaced of him pointing a gun at people and stating, "I’m going to f---- kill you” last night in Ferguson, Mo.

Multiple videos (below) were uploaded of the incident in which the officer is asked his name and replies, "Go f--- yourself."

A second police officer makes the cop lower his weapon and walks him away from the scene, but the gun-toting officer is never identified.

The American Civil Liberties Union of Missouri (ACLU) sent a letter to Missouri State Highway Patrol Superintendent Cpl. Ron Repogle about the officer's actions.

“This officer’s conduct — from pointing a weapon, to threatening to kill, to responding with profanity to a request for identity — was from start to finish wholly unacceptable,” The ACLU wrote in its letter today, noted “Such behavior serves to heighten, not reduce, tension.”

The ACLU said the Missouri State Highway Patrol wouldn't identify the officer, but did say he worked for the St. Ann Police Department.

CNN reported on Twitter:

St. Ann, Missouri, police officer who pointed assault rifle at peaceful protester in #Ferguson relieved of duty and suspended indefinitely.

If a civilian threatens to kill someone, he or she can be charged with a felony, but no word on whether or not the officer was charged.

Sources:, American Civil Liberties Union of Missouri


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