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Cop Suspended After Drunken Escapade On Same Day He Received NYPD Medal

A freshly-decorated New York Police Department officer saw his life take a dramatic turn for the worse two weeks ago. In a matter of hours, Officer Eugene Donnelly went from being awarded the NYPD’s second highest honor to potentially being stripped of his badge.

It all happened on June 10, when Donnelly was awarded the Police Combat Cross for detaining a violent gunman in the Bronx in 2012. Donnelly was singled out in the ceremony for his bravery as he shook hands with Mayor Bill de Blasio.

That night, Donnelly did what most of us in his situation would do: celebrate. But the 27-year-old cop apparently took his celebrating a little too far, and he wandered out of his friend’s apartment wearing nothing but his underwear.

He ended up in the apartment of a woman living in the same building as his friend. The woman said she did not want him there and claims he was being aggressive towards her.

“He has an encounter with a female, and she claims he roughed her up,” a source told the New York Daily News. “He was in his underwear when this happened.”

The woman contacted police and Donnelly is now barred from duty while the Bronx District Attorney conducts an investigation.

“We are aware of the incident and actively investigating with the NYPD,” Bronx DA spokesman Melvin Hernandez said.

Donnelly’s attorney Stu London remains adamant the investigation will clear the embattled officer of any wrongdoing.

“The case is in the beginning of the investigation,” London said. “When a thorough investigation has been completed, it will be obvious that my client engaged in no criminal wrongdoing.”

Photo Credit: New York Daily News

Source: New York Daily News


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