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New Jersey Officer Sucker-Punches Man In The Face (Video)

Footage of a police officer sucker punching a man in Wildwood, New Jersey, on June 18 has gone viral (video below).

The video was posted by Citizens Against Abusive Power Systems on Facebook with a description:

The cop and civilian are both unknown to CAAPS, and the video was submitted by one of our followers. It is a little difficult to see, but here it is in the raw. Anyone with any additional information may contact us so we can look into things further and take action to ensure other members of the public are not subjected to this officer's illegal actions.

Wildwood Police Chief Robert Regalbuto told WCAU that the video did not portray the entire incident, and added that he didn't know what happened before the officer slugged the man, who was part of a disorderly persons complaint.

The incident is being investigated by the Cape May County Prosecutor's Office, but the officer remains on duty, reports WPVI.

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Plenty of viewers weighed in on WPIV's website with comments:

Cop or no cop....your right to be angry with me ends at the tip of my nose....period. If you strike, you are guilty of assault, cop or no cop.

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The guy was wearing jean shorts. Doesn't that make it ok?

Maybe dude said something like "I wish you would" or "I dare you," or better yet... "I double-dog dare you" and the officer decided to make his wish come true.

Clearly that guy was looking to commit Broken Nose By Cop.

Well, i can't wait to see the reason behind this assault.

My son's a cop and he said you can't punch people like this. And that's true. The cop didn't shoot him and that's a good thing.

I as well don't have a son that's a cop but my ex girlfriend is a cop. I don't think it is justified but who am I to say. Maybe if I had a son that was a cop I would be more qualified.

So here is the better question... Who video taped this? It does not seem in the beginning like an altercation warranted of taping unless A- They know this guy is egging the cop on and want to help get this kind of reaction FROM the cop... or B- Something interesting and more informative happened prior to this taping and this video tells a % of the truth. You don't just whip out a cell for an "every day stop" unless you're one of THOSE people (Which need to stop) or something interesting has happened before taping.

I would like to come on the side of the cop but so far I see no justification for his behavior. My son is not a cop but both of my grandfathers were cops and an uncle was a detective.

Sources: Citizens Against Abusive Power Systems/Facebook, WCAU, WPVI / Photo Credit: BY-YOUR-⌘/Flickr, Denise Morgan for the University of Utah/Wikimedia Commons, Ralpharama/Wikimedia Commons

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