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Cop Stops Man For Walking With His Hands In His Pocket (Video)

A brand new viral video is quickly spreading online and has many people outraged by the actions of an officer who detained a random man seen walking with his hands in his pocket.

The clip starts mid-confrontation as the man filming asks the officer why he was being detained.

“You were walking by,” the Oakland County, Michigan sheriff’s deputy tells Brandon B Waxx McKean as he pulls out his own phone to simultaneously film the altercation himself.

“Walking by and doing what?” McKean asks.

“You were making people nervous,” the officer responds as he begins to film on his own phone.

“By walking by?” McKean asks, dumbfounded.

“Yeah, they said you had your hands in your pocket,” the officer said frankly.

Since the video was first published online, many people have questioned the officer’s actions and criticized him for detaining the man for no apparent reason.

“Hands in the pocket? If we let people get away with walking with their hands in their pockets, the next thing you know, they'll start wearing scarves to cover their faces! Terrorists!” wrote one commenter online.

Others, however, blame the person who called the police in the first place for making an unnecessary call.

“I don't blame the police for this stop. I blame the ‘citizen’ that called the police forcing the police to have to respond,” wrote another user.

Still, others seem to believe that the issue is much larger.

“The fact that police give credence to a call like that just shows they're looking for any excuse possible to jam people up,” one commenter wrote. “The dispatcher should have sent a car to the caller and charged them with making a false report.”

Check out the clip below and decided for yourself whether or not the officer was right in stopping the man.

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