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Cop Slams Teen On Sidewalk For Shifting His Weight, Not Sitting (Video)

A video purported to be filmed in Phoenix shows a police officer bullying and tripping a teen onto the pavement.

The video (below), originally posted on Facebook by Josie Espinoza Lopez on Nov. 5, includes the caption, "My 16-year-old son gets treated like a(n) adult and slamed (sic) in the end."

The officer gets agitated when the teen shifts his weight from one foot to the other while standing where the officer told him to, noted The Free Thought Project.

The teen asks the officer why he stuck his fingers in his mouth, which allegedly happened before the video began.

As the boy shifts from one foot to the other, the cop yells, “Stand right here!” and “You're gonna stand where I tell you to!”

At one point the officer shouts at the teen: "Sit on the ground now! You are not listening to me … Sit!”

The boy doesn't sit, so the officer grabs his arms from behind.

The person filming the incident asks if the teen has been arrested.

“He will be shortly," states the cop. "His conduct is borderline disorderly. So every time I tell him to do something and he does the opposite, I will maintain the control here.”

Seconds later, the officer trips the boy and slams him onto the sidewalk.

In more law enforcement news, the Phoenix Police Department identified the officer who fatally shot Rumain Brisbon, an unarmed African-American man, on Dec. 2.

According to KPHO, the officer's name is Mark Rine.

Officer Rine struggled with Brisbon inside an apartment building, thought he felt a gun in Brisbon's pants and shot him.

However, the object inside Brisbon's pants turned out to be a bottle of prescription medicine.

Sources: KPHO, The Free Thought Project, Facebook


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