Georgia Cop Slams Man's Head Into Road (Video)

Georgia Cop Slams Man's Head Into Road (Video) Promo Image

Police dashcam video (below) has surfaced of a cop slamming a man's head into the road during a traffic stop in Albany, Georgia, in April.

Former Albany Police officer Jamie Sutton is seen on the video lifting Llewellyn Glover Jr. into the air and body-slamming him headfirst into the asphalt.

Sutton would not comment to WALB at this time, but Glover's father, Llewellyn Glover Sr., told the news station: "When I seen it, I just, I don't even want to talk about it."

In the video, Sutton told Glover that he smelled marijuana, which resulted in a search of Glover's car.

According to an internal report by the Albany Police, Sutton failed a polygraph test when he said he smelled the pot and saw marijuana in Glover's mouth.

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Glover told repeatedly Sutton in the video that he did not have any marijuana.

After Glover exited the car upon command, Sutton told him to spit out the marijuana and pushed him down on the road. Glover denied that he had any marijuana and stood up. Sutton lifted Glover into the air and slammed him down. As Glover lay on the ground wailing in pain, Sutton repeatedly told him to spit out the marijuana.

According to Glover's family, the 20-year-old suffered multiple fractures and had to have staples placed in his head.

The internal report by the Albany Police found that a chokehold was used on Glover.

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Julius Collins, a lawyer who represents the Glover family, stated: "There's nothing you can do. You just have to watch and feel hopeless, as far as watching your child go through this."

Sutton quit the police department before he was fired by Police Chief Michael Persely, who recommended termination. Sutton was not charged with any crimes.

Glover's mother, Arpeja Shorts, told WALB: "It truly is shameful that he was allowed to resign, and could possibly go somewhere else. But, no, because anywhere he goes, if I find out, I will be forwarding that video to that police department."

The Glover family is planning to file a lawsuit.

Collins told WALB that Glover used his cellphone to send video of the traffic stop to another person via FaceTime.

"Just so this wouldn't happen, but it still happened and from my understanding the officer knew he was on the phone," Collins said.

District Attorney Greg Edwards told WALB on June 5 that he was not going to release the dashcam video because there was a minor drug possession charge against Glover.

Viewers were mixed about the violent traffic stop on WALB journalist Mike Fussell's Facebook page:

I say the officer was in the right all the way. He was trying to keep him from swallowing weed. The idiot had a mouthful.

The officer asked him to spit out drugs that he never had. The officer failed a polygraph about even smelling weed. The officer resigned because he knew he was in the wrong. Somehow the boy who wasn’t resisting, who didn’t have drugs and who was brutalized is still in the wrong for "not complying?" How can I comply with spitting out drugs.... if I don’t have any.

How to become a paraplegic over an taillight out. Cops think their in the WWA . All they got to do is say they smell something and think that gives them the right to search your property without an warrant. No you don't!

Warning: Graphic content.

Sources: WALB (2), Mike Fussell WALB News 10/Facebook / Photo credits: Boston Public Library/Flickr, Michael Rivera/Wikimedia Commons, Arkyan/Wikimedia Commons

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