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Cop Shoots Man In Chest, Says 'Lucky' He Didn't Shoot Him In Head (Video)

A newly-released cell phone video shows a Richmond, Virginia, police officer telling a suspect that he is lucky he wasn't shot in the head after the officer shot him in the chest.

The incident happened at a hotel parking lot on Wednesday morning. Police claim the man was fleeing officers, and pointed a gun at them.

The cell phone video (below) begins after the officer shot the suspect. Some cops are rendering aid to the suspect when he asks the officer why he shot him, noted The Free Thought Project.

The officer replies, “You pointed a gun at me."

"I didn't point s--- at you," the suspect counters.

"Yeah, you’re lucky you didn’t get shot in the head,” the officer states.

A friend of the suspect, who filmed the incident, claims that the men were having a conversation with their girlfriends when they were targeted by police.

However, Richmond Police Chief Al Durham says that two officers saw the men make a hand-to-hand transaction, and subsequently tried to question them. The suspect allegedly ran off, but tripped on the pavement, reports NBC 12.

"He attempted to get up, pulled a firearm from his waistband, pointed it towards the officer, at which time, one of the officers fired his firearm," Chief Durham asserted.

Police claim to have the suspect's gun, but have not filed any charges yet.


Sources: NBC 12, The Free Thought Project
Image Credit: YouTube Screenshot


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