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Cop Saves Man's Life In Boston Subway, Then Punches Him (Video)

The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority released a surveillance video in May 2014 of MBTA Police Detective Sean Conway saving the life of a man who almost fell onto subway tracks in Boston.

The video (below) ended with Conway pulling the man, Anthony Ferrier, to safety. At the time, the MBTA posted the video and the headline "Transit Police Detective's Quick Action Saves A Life" on its blog.

But MBTA did not release the second half of the video (below), which appears to show Conway repeatedly punching Ferrier.

The second part of the video was recently released by the MBTA, eight months after the incident, because a lawsuit was filed.

"The MBTA misled the public and clearly intended to do so. If they truly believe that the officer's actions were appropriate beginning to end, they would have released the entire video and let the public decide," David Milton, a lawyer for Ferrier, told WCVB.

The MBTA Transit Police said in a statement, "Detective Conway's use of force was justified and commensurate for the situation," but officials didn't explain why the MBTA failed to release the entire video to the public.

Milton did admit that Ferrier was drunk that day, but believes Conway used excessive force, and is planning a lawsuit.

"Properly trained police officers do not punch people in the face," Milton added. "Police officers receive extensive training in subduing suspects."

MBTA Police Lieutenant Michael Shea told the Boston Globe he had not seen the second part of the video footage.

First Part:

Second Part:

Sources: WCVB,MBTA Transport Police Blog, Boston Globe
Image Credit: MTBA Screenshot


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