Cop 'Baffled' By Positive Drug Test Results, Finds Out Sex Cream Contains Cocaine


A Miami Beach police officer was rehired with back pay after he was fired for a positive cocaine test in February 2013.

Homicide detective Reinaldo Casas says he never used cocaine and he must have tested positive because he used a “sexual aid cream” that his friend acquired from “an old Cuban guy.”

“Having never knowingly used cocaine, I was baffled, perplexed and confused as to how these results could be possible,” Casas wrote in a union grievance he filed after he was terminated.

He said the only substance he used that may have contained cocaine was a sex cream his friend gave him for erectile dysfunction. He said that his “girlfriend had applied the substance to enhance our sexual intercourse in the days prior to my drug screening.”

The Vaseline-like substance came in an unmarked purple tube, which later tested positive for cocaine.

The city argued that Casas should still be held accountable for the using the substance.

“In any event, as a police officer, Casas should have been aware of what he was putting into his body,” the city argued, according toWTVJ-TV.

An arbitrator called Casas’ claim “highly suspect,” but declared “there is not evidence in the record to show that [Casas] was aware the cream contained a controlled substance.”

Sources: Miami Herald, WTVJ-TV

Image credit: Wikimedia Commons / Massimiliano Mariani


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