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Did Cop Reality Show Leave Tulsa Over Racial Profiling? (Video)

The A&E reality TV show "Live PD" will no longer film in Tulsa, Oklahoma, possibly because of accusations of racial profiling by the police (video below).

Facebook user Cory Green filmed a clip from his TV that showed a white police officer, Sgt. Sean Larkin, telling a middle-aged African-American man that he is a gangster because he is wearing gang colors -- the man's polo shirt happened to be blue.

The man becomes upset, but the officer seems unaffected, and at times, amused. He tells the man to wear an orange shirt in the future, and expresses surprise at how angry the man is.

The clip went viral with more than 65,000 views in three days.

Tulsa Police Chief Chuck Jordan told The Frontier that he didn't like the way the reality show filmed his officers:

We just didn’t feel it was in the best interest to continue. We vetted it as best we could. It was a new concept, it was something we were interested in. We just didn’t like the way it represented Tulsa and the police department. The production people understood totally; they’ve been very amicable about it.

Tulsa Mayor G.T. Bynum didn't like the show either:

My concerns about the show are that our police officers have a complicated enough job without worrying about a television crew that’s standing around them while they’re carrying out their responsibilities in what may be the toughest time in history to be a police officer.

While the mayor and police chief were worried how the police were portrayed, many Facebook users were incensed by how the white officer treated the black man:

Who is he to tell someone what to wear!?!?!?!

That's Tulsa.. I am so afraid for my boys..all of them. These cops make you "want to go there" Lord have mercy.

^^^ it will continue I'm glad it exposed the truth. But truth be told they want to hide it. F*** the embarrassment!! What about making a change?!!

The only Reason he put a stop to the show is to keep it off the air. Nothing is going to change. It just won't be broadcasted.

The only reason Tulsa was a candidate for the show is because of what happen to T.Crutch... there wasn't a live show when it mattered... these cops have been doing this s*** for years... I remeber these some bastards riding around north Tulsa throwing up gang signs in a seized car.... mind you this is the same police force that indicted dirty cops.... I would start calling the FBI on them every time they profiled us ..f*** it...

Sources: Cory Green/Facebook, The Frontier / Photo credit: Tulsa Police Department/Facebook

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