Cop Punched By Woman As Crowd Chants 'We Need To Start Killing These Officers'


Two Madison, Wisconsin, women were arrested after one punched an officer in the face when he stopped to confront a fight occurring amidst a mob of people.

The officer stopped his vehicle when he saw a crowd of people in the street and as he approached, he witnessed a woman punch a man in the face while holding a can of pepper spray, Channel 3000 reports.

The officer tried to arrest the woman but was surrounded by the mob of people.

"We need to start killing these officers,” the mob chanted.

The daughter of the woman the officer was trying to arrest then grabbed him as she tried to free her mother. He said in his report he tried to diffuse the situation by explaining what the woman had done to the crowd but his words were ignored.

The mother then allegedly punched the officer in the face and grabbed him by the throat.

The mother, Latonya B. James, 40, and her daughter, Nanyamka N. James, 20, were both arrested.

A witness claims to have heard Latonya repeatedly threaten to kill the officer, reports Breitbart.

Latonya has been charged with battery to a law enforcement officer, possession of pepper spray, and resisting arrest. Nanyamka, who is currently on parole, is charged with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.

"He demonstrated fantastic patience and restraint in dealing with these folks," Madison Police Department Capt. Vic Wahl said. "He was able to literally get assaulted in the midst of a large crowd and still take these women into custody without causing any injuries to anyone."

Sources: Breitbart, Channel 3000 / Photo Source: Channel 3000


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