Traffic Stop Saves Child's Life

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Most of us don't like being pulled over by a cop, but for one woman, it was a blessing in disguise; thanks to a traffic stop, her child is alive today.

Officer Nick Mitchell initially pulled Michigan mother Rhonda McArthur over because she was speeding, reports WXYZ.

Yet after approaching her car, the officer was distracted; he noticed there was something off about her 10-year-old son, Nickolas.

"He didn't ask for my driver's license and registration," recalls the mother. "He looked at him and asked, 'Is he okay?'"

McArthur explained the boy was experiencing a life-threatening asthma attack. She was speeding on a nearly empty tank, desperately trying to get her son to the hospital as quickly as possible.

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"I had meant to fill up that morning, but I didn't have time," said McArthur. "I was just hoping I would make it to the doctor."

"She had 10 miles to empty…" said Mitchell. "He was gasping for air."

Without a moment's hesitation, Mitchell tried to call the ambulance but ran into another problem: there were none available.

So he was forced to take matters into his own hands.

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"A decision was made to put him in the police car and get him there as fast as we could," said Officer Mitchell, adding a firefighter arrived to supply oxygen while they headed to the hospital.

After arriving at the hospital, it took time to stabilize the child. But thanks to the traffic stop, he survived.

"I wasn't expecting this, but it feels good to help," said Officer Mitchell.

It's not the first time a routine traffic stop turned out to be a miracle.

South Carolina State Trooper Benjamin Crocker saved a 3-month-old baby's life while conducting his routine traffic stops, reports KUTV.

"It was just a normal day, you know, spotting violations," said Crocker.

While in the middle of explaining what one driver had done wrong, a woman parked behind him and started a commotion.

"She starts screaming 'my baby, my baby he's not breathing,'" Crocker recalled. "At that point, I just went into action."

Crocker rushed to the woman's car.

Thanks to CPR classes he took through his military and police service, he was able to rescue the infant.

"I kicked into life-saving mode I guess," he said. "I just started doing gentle light, sternum rubs with my two fingers. Once I got a response out of him and he started crying, I knew he was breathing again."

"I think everything happens for a reason," he added. "For that day, I think I was just placed there."

Sources: WXYZKUTV / Featured Image: Pixabay / Embedded Images: Brian Snelson/Flickr, Matti Blume/Wikimedia Commons

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