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Cop Pleads For Life As Man Holds Him At Gunpoint (Video)

Police in Oklahoma have released footage revealing a cop pleading for his life while being held at gunpoint by a sex offender (video below).

Authorities investigated the trailer home of Johnnie Thomas Reed, 70, over an outstanding Missouri warrant concerning child sexual abuse, the Daily Mail reports.

“We were told that he may possibly be trying to flee the area is the reason why there was urgency to get out there and speak with him,” Spiro Police Chief Michael Draper said.

Body camera footage revealed what happened next.

At first, Reed is cooperative, agreeing to come outside for a conversation with the police officer.

"Alright. Talk away," Reed told the officer.

“My understanding is you have some warrants out of Missouri,” calmly responds the officer to Reed.  “You need to step on outside for me, ok?”

“Let me get my suspenders on,” Reed replies, making motions to do so despite the officer saying he can’t.

That’s when Reed pulled out his gun and the police officer begged for his life.

“Mr. Reed don't do it,” the officer said. “Let me have the firearm okay?”

“Mr. Reed please let go of the gun,” he continued. “I don't want to die. I've got kids.”

Luckily for the police officer, he was able to defend himself and shot Reed, instead. Reed was hospitalized with non-life threatening injuries.

However, now the officer is on paid leave while the incident is being investigated. Not everybody agrees with the department’s move.

“I believe he had every intention of shooting the officer. I'm 100 percent behind him. He did everything he had to do,” Draper said, adding that he believes the officer will be allowed back to work in one week.

Reed will be facing various charges, ranging from child molestation to attacking a police officer and carrying a firearm after being convicted of a felony.

The alleged criminal was previously charged for inappropriate relations with a child in California.

Sources: Daily MailKFSM via YouTube / Photo credit: MSHP via Daily Mail

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