Picture Of Cop Kissing Boyfriend In Front Of Church Protest Goes Viral

A police officer defiantly kissed his boyfriend while the Westboro Baptist Church protested the Washington, D.C., gay pride parade over the weekend.

Amid WBC demonstrators holding signs that read “Soldiers die 4 fag marriage” and “Jesus says repent or perish,” Arlington County Police Officer S.J. Stalter kissed his boyfriend Mark Raimondo on the lips.

In his hand, Stalter held up a small rainbow flag.

The picture made its way onto social media. Even WBC tweeted it.

“‘Cop Placed On Leave After Refusing To Work Gay Pride Parade’ USA wants their cops looking like this,” they wrote, referencing a Utah police officer who quit because he did not want to ride in front of a pride parade.

“How sweet of WBC to tweet my picture!” Raimondo responded.

Sources: PolicyMic, Daily Mail


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