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Cop Kills Dog, Owner Charged $200 For Cremation (Video)

The Caldwell, Idaho, Police Department released body camera footage on Sept. 15 of an officer shooting and killing a woman's dog on Aug. 18 (video below).

The video captures the scene from two police body cameras after Alinah Stelly opens her door to their knocks. The first officer tells Stelly that he wants to speak to Crystal Holden, who is Stelly's sister, notes the Idaho Statesman.

The first officer doesn't tell Stelly that he has an arrest warrant for her sister, but does radio a third officer who was apparently guarding the back of the home.

Stelly leaves the door cracked open, but the first officer pushes it open wider. Moments later, Stelly's 85-pound German shepherd-pitbull mix is seen coming towards the door while barking at the first officer.

The first officer pulls out a baton, calmly puts it between himself and the canine, and says, "Get back dog."

The dog, who apparently did not speak English, slips out of the front door. The second officer tells the pooch to "Get back!" and shoots it.

The second officer reportedly told the first officer: "I was almost shooting my own damn feet, that thing was right at me. Scared the crap out of me."

Stelly believes her dog would not have run outside if the first officer had not pushed the door open wider; she is considering a lawsuit.

However, the police are considering charging Stelly for having a vicious animal at large.

In August, Lt. Joey Hoadley told the Idaho Statesman that the dog lunged at the second officer, but the video doesn't show that as it tilts upward.

"He backpedaled," Hoadley said at the time. "The dog aggressed him so fast that pretty much the only option he had was to use the firearm."

Stelly countered: "He shot him in the face as he was smelling him. He could have used something else, like pepper spray."

Stelly admitted that she should have put the dog up in his kennel, and said, "He does have a scary bark,” but added: "He was all bark, no bite."

"Police officers come over all the time because of my neighbors," Stelly stated. "They’ve never once pulled a gun. They gave me a chance to put him inside."

Stelly recalled that she tried to comfort her dying pet until animal control came to the scene. When she later went to pick up her pooch's body, animal control had cut its head open to check for rabies. 

Stelly said she could have produced the dog's rabies vaccination record.

According to Stelly, authorities are going to keep her dog's carcass for up to six weeks, and she has to pay about $200 to cremate its remains.


Sources: Idaho Statesman (2) / Photo Credit: Caldwell Police Department via YouTube

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