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Cop Shoots 'Friendly' Dog, Body Cam Footage Released (Video)

Cop Shoots 'Friendly' Dog, Body Cam Footage Released (Video) Promo Image

An Ohio police officer shot and killed a pit bull that he said was charging at him (video below). However, the dog's owner has a different story, saying that the dog was simply being "friendly."

On July 21, the Alliance Police Department received a call that three dogs were on the loose, according to WEWS. Responding officer Josh Tenney found the dogs and police spokesmen say that he was forced to open fire when one of the animals began charging at him.

Newly released body cam footage shows the moment Tenney found the dogs. He attempted to gently coax them over by calling them in a light tone. 

"Come here, puppy, come here," he whistled.

The footage shows the dog, a pitbull named China, running toward the officer while another dog tries to prevent it from charging, the Daily Mail reports. After China begins running again, Tenney opens fire, killing it.

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The dog's owner finally arrives on the scene with a young child and restrains the other two dogs. The young girl then approaches the dead dog. 

"No officer (whether police or animal control) puts their uniform on in the morning, planning to go in and kill something that day," said Stark County Dog Warden Jon Barber.

Police believe that China, a former winner of the Coastal Products Pet Show, may have been involved in a 2014 attack, as well as a March attack of a 63-year-old man. It is unclear whether the dog's owner will face any charges.

"[Tenney] did not have any other choice,” Sergeant Michael Yarian told WEWS. "The chief said he was within policy."

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However, China's owner, Morgan Furry, said that Tenney had no business trying to approach her dogs in the first place and that her lost dogs were not a matter for the police to be involved in.

Furry said that she let all three of her dogs out to the backyard, but they escaped after crawling under the fence. Her fiance, Mark, immediately got into his car to search for them.

“I don’t understand why the police officer got out of the car and approached three dogs he didn’t know," she said. "They would have been fine until Mark got there."

 Now, Furry says that she is placed in the difficult position of telling her young children why their dog is gone.

"How do you explain to your 3-year-old that your dog is not coming home?" she asked through tears.

Sources: WEWS, Daily Mail / Photo credit: Thomas Wanhoff/FlickrLive Leak via Daily Mail

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