'You B**** Take Me Out': Cop Killer Explodes After Being Convicted, Sentenced To Life In Prison


A jury found Brian Fitch Sr. guilty on all nine of his charges, including the killing of Minnesota police officer Scott Patrick and participating in a shootout with police in the Summer of 2014.

Judge Mary Theisen issud a sentencing of life imprisonment. According to local station KARE 11, Fitch Sr. was found guilty of all nine charges against him including: one count of first degree murder, three counts of first degree attempted murder, three counts of second-degree assault, felony in possession, intentional discharge of a weapon in connection with the death of Officer Scott Patrick, and the attempted murder of three police officers.

When his verdict was read, Fitch began to yell a long string of expletives and threats against the judge.

"Thanks for the biased, a--, bull---- case," Fitch yelled, according to local station FOX 9. "Every single thing that came up. Every single objection, you overruled. This was such a freaking a-- set up."

Fitch was then ordered to be ejected from the courtroom.

"You b----. Take me out. Don't stare at me, b----."

John Choi, Ramsey county Attorney, told reporters at the local station: "We are grateful for the jury's guilty verdict but unfortunately for all of us this does not bring back a dedicated peace officer, a father, a husband and someone who meant so many other things to our entire community. That fact is what is so sad and tragic about this case. We also owe a debt of gratitude to the law enforement officers who nearly lost their lives in pursuit of the Defendant."

Although a sentencing hearing will take place Wednesday, Feb. 4 at 9:00 AM in Hastings, Minnesota, state law dictates that first-degree murder warrants an automatic life sentence, according to FOX 9.

The murder of Officer Patrick occurred the morning of July 30, 2014. According to the prosecution, when Fitch Sr. was pulled over by the officer, he shot him three times before Patrick could even reach the window of the green Pontiac Grand Am the convict was driving. Fitch Sr., who had a long criminal history and several warrants out for his arrest, had vowed to kill any cop who pulled him over, according to his girlfriend at the time.

Officer Patrick was declared dead when authorities arrived on scene. A manhunt led to Fitch being pulled over yet again in St. Paul. There he began a shootout with the officers. Fitch Sr. was shot eight times before he was arrested.

Sources: FOX 9, KARE 11 Photo Credit: KARE 11, Stearns County Jail


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