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Cop Killer Makes Outrageous Demands


A man accused of killing a police officer filed a lawsuit against the victim, as well as the city of Indianapolis, Indiana, for millions of dollars.

Major Davis is currently awaiting trial for the 2014 murder of Indianapolis police officer Perry Renn, and recently filed suit against his victim for $2.3 million.

According to the suit, Davis claims that Renn shot him in the back while he was unarmed, leading to him retrieve a gun and return fire, reported FOX 59.

The incident occurred after Renn and officer Nicholas Galico investigated a report of fireworks going off.

“Galico asked to talk with me and the two females; the females responded everything is okay here you can leave,” Davis recalled, reported FOX 59. 

“As the females escorted Davis II back from the officer, shots rang out from Officer Renn and Officer Galico,” Davis stated.

The prosecution argues that Davis shot Renn with his mother’s AK-47 while standing behind his children’s mother. 

“There is no evidence Major P. Davis II ever possessed or had on his person an AK-47,” the lawsuit counters, according to FOX 59.

“Plaintiff seeks compensatory and emotional, punitive damages for his pain and suffering, physical injury of nerve damage from being shot in the right-side cranial, developing headaches, neurological problems, being confined to a wheel chair, and digestive problems from being shot in the abdomen,” the lawsuit states.

Davis claims in the suit that Renn and Galico violated his “Right to be Secure.”

“NO CRIME was being committed that the police had to draw a weapon against Mr. Davis II…” the suit read.

“WHEREFORE, Major P. Davis II respectfully prays in the name of JESUS that this court enter judgment granting Plaintiff…Compensative…Punitive…(and) Nominal Damages in the MajorMoveMent amount of 2.3 million dollars against defendants jointly,” the lawsuit states, according to FOX 59.

Attorney Jack Crawford told Fox 59 that he believes the suit doesn’t have a “chance in the world.”

“Right is right and wrong is wrong,” he said. "This lawsuit is just plain wrong. I think it’s preposterous and malicious."

“By filing this suit, he has waived his right to remain silent so the state could call him as a witness against himself in his own case," Crawford added. "That’s why you never see this.”

Davis is facing the death penalty for Renn’s murder.

Sources: Fox 59, LEO Affairs / Photo credit: Fox 59

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