Cop Kenneth Qualls Sues Over Firing After He Cited 3-Year-Old For Peeing In Public

An Oklahoma cop who was fired for citing a urinating toddler is now suing the city of Piedmont for wrongful termination.

Kenneth Qualls says he had permission from a police lieutenant to slam 3-year-old Dillan Warden with a $2,500 public urination ticket on Nov. 4, 2012.

Dillan’s mother, Ashley Warden, argued at the time that the boy urinated on private property. His own private property. That's right – Dillian was busted for going potty in his own yard.

“I said really, he is 3-years-old, and [the officer] said it doesn’t matter – it’s public urination,” Jennifer Warden, Dillan’s grandmother, told KWTV at the time. She added that the officer would wait down the street on their block “doing nothing at all.”

“I am disappointed that the officer thinks… what he needs to do with my tax dollars is sitting and harassing our family,” she said.

Qualls was fired ten days after the citation. The ex-cop now argues that city Police Chief Alex Oblein knew of the ticket, but did not give orders to amend or dismiss it.

The lawsuit claims Qualls was even insulted by the mayor, who called him “stupid,” and that he was only fired on Nov. 16 because the incident got media attention.

“Of course we did receive a lot of notoriety over that,” City Manager Jim Crosby said at the time.

The city denies most of his claims, “except for the fact that a personnel board did vote to fire Qualls,” according to the New York Daily News.

The city alleges Qualls acted on his own when he decided to lay down the law on a 3-year-old boy in his own yard.

Sources: New York Daily News, UPI, KWTV


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