Cop Jumps Off Bridge To Avoid Getting Hit By Car (Video)

A rookie Missouri City police officer was forced to leap off the side of a bridge and take a 30-foot plunge after a woman nearly drove her car into him.

Officer Kenneth Lewis and his partner had pulled over a driver for a traffic violation when allegedly intoxicated woman, Christie Biggers, crashed her car into the stopped vehicle.

Lewis jumped over a roadway barrier to avoid being hit and landed 30-feet below on a rocky bank. Lewis reportedly wasn’t aware of the actual length of the drop until he jumped.

Lewis was flown to Memorial Hermann Hospital by a medical helicopter. He suffered a partially ruptured aorta and a fractured pelvis, but is recovering in stable condition.

Biggers was arrested and taken to Fort Bend County Jail where she was charged with intoxicated assault.

Sources: Newser, Chron


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