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Cop Hits Woman In Front Of Her Daughter (Video)

A body camera video (below) of a police officer hitting a woman and cursing at her in front of her small child in Salt Lake City, Utah, on Oct. 24, 2014, recently surfaced.

Facebook user Jasmine Anderson posted the video July 5 and wrote:

I received an email that contained video footage of my mother being punched in the face and back of the head multiple times by an officer of the Salt Lake City Police Department. She is verbally degraded and abused, all in front of my younger sister. I cannot put into words the horror I felt seeing that video.

Everyone is responsible for their own actions; I believe that with all of my heart. I believe that the officers in this video were not right in their actions. They were wrong to resort to violence when it was unnecessary. They were wrong to hit a mother, my mother, in front of a child. They SHOULD be held responsible. I hope they will.

Jasmine told The Free Thought Project that her mother, Michelle Siguenza Anderson, was being arrested for public intoxication at her own house.

Jasmine said the police refused to release the video until this week, one year and eight months after the incident.

"I received a phone call from the neighbor at my mother’s the night this happened that my mom had been drinking and could be heard yelling on the phone from their apartment," Jasmine stated. "I called 911 because I didn’t live near her at the time and was worried about my younger sister."

After calling the police, Jasmine drove over to her mom's house.

"The police did not show up until hours later when my mother had calmed down and was asleep with my little sister in the house," Jasmine added.

In the body camera video, Michelle is seen talking to police in her underwear and bra while her visibly upset 9-year-old girl stands nearby.

About one minute into the video, the officer hits Michelle, who is handcuffed, dropping her to the ground; the little girl is heard screaming in the background.

The officer pushes Michelle's face into the grass, appears to be driving his knee into her back and says, "You little b----. f----- spit on me, you c---."

As Michelle cries and appears to be trying to breathe under the officer's weight, he says, "You f---- pissing me off, you little b----. You're an idiot."

After Michelle says that she cannot breathe, the cop tells her, "Shut your hole."

The little girl is heard again crying for her mother, and the officer tells Michelle: "You go spitting on somebody, you deserve to have your ass kicked. It’s what you deserved."

Another officer, who doesn't object to the violence that has taken place or the apparent confession by his colleague, puts a spit mask over Michelle's head.

"My mother had her nose broken and several lumps on the back of her head from the officer hitting her repeatedly," Jasmine told The Free Thought Project.

Salt Lake City Police Chief Mike Brown called for an investigation into the incident on July 5, and asserted that he was not aware of the almost-two-year-old body camera video (from his own department) until Jasmine posted it online, notes The Salt Lake Tribune.

Brown promised transparency in the investigation, but refused to identify the officers involved in the incident. Brown said the officer who committed the alleged excessive force quit his job on Oct. 29, 2015.

"It did occur," Brown added. "That is our video tape. We don't back away from that."

A Salt Lake City police car appears in the video, so it's not clear how Brown could possibly deny it.

Michelle was charged in November 2014 with two misdemeanors. However, prosecutors dismissed those charges on March 17, 2015, which happened to be the same day a preliminary hearing was going to happen.

(Note: Violence begins at :60-second mark)


Sources: The Free Thought Project, Jasmine Anderson/Facebook, The Salt Lake Tribune / Photo credit: Salt Lake City Police Department via YouTube

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