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Cop Reportedly Harasses Disabled Veteran Who Used Handicap Parking Space (Video)

Veteran Isiah James was wounded multiple times during his three tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan, but it’s not his service that’s bringing him recognition (video below). 

In a video James uploaded to Facebook, he confronts a police officer who allegedly harassed him for using a handicap spot outside of a Walgreen’s store in Rivera Beach, Florida. James’ car identifies him as disabled, RawStory reported. 

James berated the officer, who was identified as G. Wilson, telling him“you are not the arbitrator of my d--- disability.”

Wilson was just as heated during the argument. “Does that make you any better than a citizen or an old lady in a wheelchair that really needs that place? I’m just saying, you’re walking. You’re walking,” Wilson said. “A U.S. citizen is a U.S. citizen. So what makes you any better than an old lady that can’t walk?”

At one point, Wilson hit the camera phone out of James’ hand, cracking the screen. Another officer and fellow veteran arrived at the scene, who helped deescalate the situation. 

James believes the situation was spurred on by his race. “When people say being black doesn't effect (sic) how you're treated in this country? Guess again. It just happened to me. Now, what if (I) didn't turn on my camera? Would anybody believe my story?” he wrote on Facebook.

One person commented, “The police could (have) shot you,” to which James replied: “I'm not scared of getting shot. Been there, done that.”

The video has been viewed more than 1,000 times on Facebook.

WARNING: Contains strong language.

Sources: RawStory, Isiah James/Facebook / Photo credit: Isiah James/Facebook


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