Cop Handcuffs Fireman During Emergency Call


A volunteer fireman, who was answering a 911 call for medical aid, was handcuffed by a police officer on Monday night in New Roads, La.

The firefighter was asked by the police officer to move his truck, which had its flashing lights on, but refused to do so because he was rendering aid to a woman.

According to KTBS, Louisiana state law says, "It shall be unlawful for any person...intentionally hindering, delaying, hampering, interfering with, or impeding the progress of any regularly employed member of the fire department...or any volunteer fireman."

According to a surveillance video, the fireman was handcuffed and placed in a police cruiser for 22 minutes.

Before the police officer detained him for nearly a half an hour, the firefighter was assisting Amber Porter who had passed out inside her house, prompting her relatives to call 911.

"I was laying on the floor," Porter told WBRZ. "They was calling my name. He was trying to sit me up off the floor."

Porter recalls the police officer showing up, ignoring her medical situation and telling the fireman to move his truck.

New Roads Police Chief Kevin McDonald originally told WBRZ that the issue was solved, but hours later the State Fire Marshall launched an investigation.

"I have tasked detectives today to begin that investigation," Deputy Chief Brant Thompson stated. "They will be conducting interviews and other information concerning what is seen as a very unfortunate incident that occurred in New Roads."

New Roads Police Chief Kevin McDonald claimed the fireman was detained by the police officer for making a sarcastic remark (which is not illegal) and has no plans to discipline the officer.

Sources: KTBS and WBRZ


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