Cop Gets Called Out For Parking In A Handicap Spot, Throws A Fit (Video)


Of all the violations you could commit in your car, illegally parking in a handicap spot is the last one you want to do. In addition to it making you a huge jerk, fines for occupying a handicap spot are huge — sometimes upwards of $500. But one police officer apparently didn't think the rules applied to him.

An anonymous man posted footage to on March 16 that appears to show his confrontation with a police officer. In the video, the officer’s car seems to to be parked in a handicap spot. The man filming asks the officer why he seems to be allowed to occupy a handicap spot, but the officer is having none of it.

“This isn’t a handicap spot,” the officer says.

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“It isn’t?” the man asks, later showing that the cruiser appears to be in a handicap spot. “It’s not? That’s not a handicap spot?”

The officer, who is clearly annoyed by the man’s questions, tells him to “get [his] facts straight.”

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“So you get to park wherever you want?” the man asks a few moments later.

“That’s right!” the officer snaps back.

Here’s the footage:

Source: LiveLeak

Photo Credit: Screenshot


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