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Cop Gets 1 Day Suspension for Vulgar Language While Punching Woman (Video)

Police Officer George Gothner was suspended for one day for using vulgar language, but not for slamming a woman's head into a patrol car hood and punching her.

The incident happened on Jan. 5 in Superior, Wis., and was captured on video (below) by a police car dashcam.

Police were originally called to a parking lot outside a lounge over a fight between two men, who were arrested. Officer Gothner exchanged words with Natasha Lancour and arrested her.

Officer Gothner slammed Lancour's head into the hood of a patrol car and punched her twice with a closed fist, noted The Daily Caller.

“You did that s--- because I was black,” claimed Lancour at the time.

However, Officer Gothner wrote in his police report, "Suddenly, Lancour reached up with her left hand and struck and scratched me across the right side of my face. My reaction was that I gave her a closed fist punch to the left side of her face.”

The Superior Police Department recently concluded its internal investigation of the incident and found that Officer Gothner was justified in his actions, reports

Superior Police Chief Charles LaGesse said that Officer Gothner's vulgar language violated police department policies, but his violent actions were reasonable and consistent with the police policies and state training.

Officer Gothner was suspended without pay for 10 hours.

Lancour's lawyer Rick Gondik is planning to file a civil lawsuit against the City of Superior and Officer Gothner.

Sources:, The Daily Caller


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