Cop Found Not Guilty After Beating, Gouging Eyes Of Innocent Man (Video)

Former Milwaukee police detective Rodolfo Gomez was caught on video punching, kneeing and gouging the eyes of Deron Love during an interrogation in August 2013 in the Milwaukee Police Administration Building.

At the time of the incident (video below), Love was accused of killing his 7-month-old baby, but insisted that he was innocent. Love was found not guilty in 2014.

Gomez was fired from his job because of the incident in December 2013, and was charged with two felonies.

However, Gomez was found not guilty on Feb. 13 after his defense team used a frame-by-frame video presentation to claim that the former police detective was acting in self-defense, noted Fox 6 Now.

Love's left hand was handcuffed to the wall and never struck Gomez, who pounded him (Love) while demanding that he (Love) stop resisting.

"For me [the defense expert's] testimony was crucial to understanding what Gomez did," juror Barry Gardner told the Milwaukee-Wisconsin Journal Sentinel. "We scoured individual frames of video over and over and over. We went back into the room to watch the full motion video again during deliberation."

Gardner added that the frame-by-frame presentation convinced the jury that Love was resisting even though Love didn't actually fight back. The jury also believed that since Love suffered no serious injuries, Gomez wasn't guilty.

Sources: Fox 6 Now, Milwaukee-Wisconsin Journal Sentinel
Image Credit: Milwaukee Police Department Screenshot


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