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Cop Says He 'Don't Need A Warrant,' Searches Woman's Home (Video)

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Police officers were caught on video (shown below) forcing their way into a woman's apartment without a warrant to search for someone they were trying to locate.

The outraged tenant, along with two other women believed to be her roommates, took pictures and a video of the plain clothes investigators as they made their way into the apartment. The woman attempted at first to keep them outside, but one officer in particular was persistant and eventually forced his way into the home. 

"What is the situation?" the woman asks the officer soon after her roommate began filming. "Could you not push on my door? Get your feet out of my door. I'm not going to slam the door on you."

"I'm trying to explain it to you," the officer responds. When asked to present a warrant, the officer tells the woman that he "doesn't need a warrant" because he is "trying to catch a felon." The officer then shows the women a picture of the person they were searching for, and all three deny knowing the individual.

Despite the woman refusing to let the officers inside, they eventually forced their way in and began to look around. 

"I am posting this everywhere," the roommate that filmed the incident says as the officers search through the apartment. All three women angrily object as the officers ignore them and search through each room before eventually leaving.

Reaction to the video online was mixed, with some viewers saying that the cops did, in fact, have the right to search the home without a warrant given the circumstances of the investigation.

"Its [sic] true that cops dont need a warrant when pursuing a fleeing felon but these cops are lying trying to use this loop hole," one viewer, Blitzkrieg, said on World Star Hip Hop. "Fleeing felon is when the cops are chasing a felon and he runs into hour [sic] house. Cops can then follow behind him wherever he runs even without the warrant."

"Why did she go into the hallway? Once you leave your home and the door is open, they can enter because you left the door open. I tell people this all the time. Step outside and lock the door behind you," another, Circa476, added.

Do you think the officers had the right to search the woman's apartment without a warrant? Check out video of the incident below.

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