Cop's Search For Pot In Man's Car Ends Humorously (Video)


A police officer reportedly forced his way into a man’s car in Pennsylvania after he suspected he smelled marijuana coming from the vehicle, reports The Blaze. What he found instead was possibly the least offensive item a person could have in his car.

“Joe Mugga” posted a video to YouTube that shows the man and his friends being stopped on an unknown street by a cop who claimed he pulled them over because of a burned license plate light. While rounding up all of the men’s driver’s licenses, he told the driver to get out of the car. The man asked why he was being forced out of his car and the cop reportedly responded by reaching inside the vehicle’s open window and pushing the unlock button for the doors.

Either the officer or one of the men opened the car door. The cop then informed them that he “smelled weed in the car” and that he saw something suspicious in the back seat.

The officer then instructed all of the passengers to get out of the car so he could search it. Mugga says he gave the cop permission to look through his vehicle because he knew he didn’t have anything illegal in his car.

“He saw crumbs of French fry,” one of the men joked as they sat waiting for the police officer to finish his investigation. The men can be heard laughing and joking as the officer searches the car.

And, when all was said and done, the only thing the cop found was a moldy old French fry.

Mugga says this video proves that, despite the fact that police do not need a search warrant to search a car, “probable cause” can be stretched in such a way that it is violates a driver’s rights.

Warning: Profanity

Sources: The Blaze, YouTube


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