Cop Fires Concussion Round At Vet Inside Jail (Video)

A video (below) recently surfaced of a deputy firing a concussion round at a schizophrenic Army veteran inside a Pasco County Jail cell in Florida in August 2015.

The video shows Cpl. Robert Haas firing into the jail cell where Matthew Trevino was kept. The deputies wanted to handcuff Trevino before a cell inspection, but he would not obey them, notes WFTS.

The mentally-ill inmate, who was locked up for a misdemeanor probation violation, allegedly took all of his clothes off, flashed the deputies his genitals and argued with them.

The deputies decided to fire a Nova Distraction Round, which is like a flash bang grenade. Per the manufacturer of the weapon, the round is not supposed to be fired directly at a human being, but it did hit Trevino.

"It was one of the worst examples I've ever seen on how to treat a human being in the mental situation he was going through," saidLee Pearlman, who has filed a federal civil rights lawsuit against the Pasco Sheriff's office for Trevino.

"In the photographs, you can see tendon, bone, it's a deep penetration; had this been an inch further left, realistically, he would have died," Perlman added.

None of the deputies were disciplined after an internal affairs investigation.

"I was screaming and crying, the pain was... basically felt like I lost the leg," Trevino told WFTS.

According to Trevino, he has undergone three surgeries.

"I've got pain when I walk, I can't walk long distances," Trevino added.

In response, the Pasco County Sheriff's office said in a statement: "A criminal with a violent history in the jail failed to comply with lawful directions. His actions dictated our reaction."

However, Trevino does not have any convictions for violent crimes, notes WTVT. Additionally, the deputies have their own free will to direct their own actions in the facility.

The news station adds that five of the six jail reports by deputies said that Trevino stepped back or away before Haas fired the round.

The video shows that Trevino has his face up against the cell door when Haas fires the round through a food opening in the same door.

State Attorney Bernie McCabe would not say if his office had investigated the shooting.

Sources: WFTS, WTVT / Photo credit: WFTS/YouTube

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