Cop Fired, Lawsuit Filed After Police Officer Shoots Unarmed Carjacking Suspect (Video)


A lawsuit has been filed against former Dallas Police Department Senior Cpl. Amy Wilburn for her December 9 shooting of carjacking suspect Kelvion Walker. Wilburn has already been fired because of the shooting.

The event, caught on dashcam footage, first shows Wilburn chasing a stolen car driven by another man. Walker was in the passenger seat of the car. At one point, the unidentified driver gets out of the car and takes off running. Walker stays inside the car in his seat.

Wilburn then gets out of her car, opens the stolen car’s door and sees Walker sitting inside. She shoots him. Walker is heard on the footage screaming after being shot. An internal investigation by the Dallas Police Department found Wilburn broke the department’s use of deadly force protocol in her handling of the event.

“A reasonable officer in fear for their safety would not have approached the vehicle in this manner," the department said in a statement released after Wilburn’s firing.

It has since been confirmed that Walker was unarmed at the time of the shooting. The 19-year-old has filed a lawsuit against Wilburn.

"I just remember yelling, 'What you shoot me for?’” Walker said in the lawsuit. "And then after [the shooting] she was like, 'I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I apologize. I didn't try to.’”

Although already fired from her job of 12 years with the police department, Wilburn isn’t going down without a fight. Her lawyer spoke out against both her firing and Walker’s lawsuit recently, saying she didn’t have time to process the situation rationally in the heat of the moment.

“She's reacting to a moving car heading toward a building, so in the short term she's thinking, 'There's no one in the car and I want to stop this car from hitting this building,' " attorney Robert Rogers said. "She got to the car and clearly is surprised that there was someone in the car. This is a suspect in a vehicle that's tied to some violent carjackings."

Rogers added that the entire event unfolded in a matter of “milliseconds.” The shooting and subsequent lawsuit is now being reviewed by a grand jury. Walker was never charged with any crimes in connection with the event.

Here is the footage of the shooting. You be the judge on whether Wilburn acted appropriately or not in shooting Walker:

Sources: New York Daily News, Dallas News


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