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Cop Directs Traffic, Opens Fire On Family In Van (Video)

Noel Hall was driving his family in their van on March 4 when Sgt. Mathieu Cadeau opened fire outside the Georgia Dome in Atlanta, striking Hall with a bullet (video below).

According to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI), Cadeau was directing traffic as people left a motocross event when he told Hall to drive a specific direction, but Hall wanted to drive a different way. The GBI said Hall drove toward Cadeau, who then opened fire, notes WXIA.

Hall and his family denied driving toward Cadeau, and said "at no point did we realize this man was a police officer."

The Atlanta Police Department (APD) has not accused Hall of driving toward Cadeau.

"We're not at the point where we're going to say that the officer was threatened or the officer was not threatened," Sgt. Warren Pickard said. "We just want to ensure that we do right by doing a good investigation, and provide the public with the facts they need."

Hall said that he was turning when Cadeau walked in front of the van, which brought Hall to a complete stop, followed by a right turn around Cadeau.

The GBI said Hall was taken to Grady Memorial Hospital with "non-life threatening" injuries, according to WXIA.

Hall and his family issued a statement, notes the news station:

At this point in time we feel the need to give a partial statement concerning the incident that our family was involved in with the officer shooting that occurred on Saturday night. These last 72 hours have been quite a whirlwind for us, both physically and emotionally. It is a lot to process, to deal with, and to try and understand ...

We are very fortunate and thankful that I (Noel) did not sustain any life threatening injuries from the gunshot wound, as we are also very fortunate and thankful that none of the other family members were hit. The officer shot at me through the drivers window, the bullet entering and exiting me twice, then through and out the passenger window, just missing my wife's head, who was seated in the passenger seat by only inches.

Also in the van were 2 of our sons, one sons girlfriend and our 2 year old grandson, so it could have very easily went through the passenger area of the van, hitting any of them. At never any point would I have done anything to put them in harms way, just as I would never had intentionally made a move to cause harm or possibly take another's life.

Sources: WXIA (2) / Photo credit: Dave Conner/Flickr

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