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Cop Destroys Woman's Phone For Filming Officers On Los Angeles Sidewalk (Video)

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A Los Angeles police officer ran up to a woman filming from a sidewalk in a residential area during an operation and snatched her phone from her, before angrily kicking and smashing it.

In a video (below) posted to LiveLeak, the woman is seen on the sidewalk filming what appear to be SWAT team officers and sheriffs conducting an operation. She seemingly spoke to the officers for at least 30 seconds, though their exchange is inaudible.

After a short time, an officer holding an assault rifle stormed up to the woman and tried to grab her phone in an effort to get her to stop recording. He ripped the phone from her hands, threw it on the ground and then kicked it across the sidewalk.

Viewers on LiveLeak objected to the officer’s stunt, saying his actions were a violation of the woman’s right to film police officers in a public setting.

“I wonder if he will lose his job. He should,” one viewer commented. Others argued that the woman should have stayed quiet while filming, instead of yelling at the officers and making her presence known while they were working.

“Probably wouldn't have had an issue if she'd just stood there and filmed. I'm all for the filming of public servants, but there's no need to badger them like this. These people are called ‘peanut throwers,’” viewer Adamtwo said. “They're like that kid we all knew from the grade school zoo field trip... the one who threw peanuts at the polar bears because he knew he was safe behind the moat.”

Watch the video below. Do you think the officer was wrong to destroy the woman’s phone, or should she have stayed quiet while filming to avoid conflict?

Sources: LiveLeak, YouTube

Photo Credit: Screen Shot Via YouTube


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