Cop Defends U.S. Military Equipment for Police Officers


Police Officer Steve Rabinovich recently defended the use of U.S. military armored vehicles by local police departments.

Officer Rabinovich claimed in an op-ed for that MRAP (Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected) vehicles are necessary because "violent anti-government groups and individuals are targeting cops as scapegoats."

Officer Rabinovich didn't name these "violent anti-government groups," but added, "There has been a steady increase in deadly and violent assaults on cops — as well as acts of domestic and international terrorism — many of which are reported in limited scope or not publicly known."

The New York Post reported in 2013 that an annual report by the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund found that the number of gun deaths of police officers had fallen to their lowest level since 1887.

The report also found that 111 federal and local law enforcement officers were killed in 2013, while 121 were killed in 2012.

Officer Rabinovich also claimed that local police officers are expected to react during a "terrorist act" such as "terrorists planting explosives during a mass gathering event," but didn't mention the numerous federal agencies that also respond to terrorist attacks.

Sources: The New York Post, (Image Credit: Excolis)


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