Cop Convicted Of Raping A Woman During A Traffic Stop

Former Lake County, Florida, sheriff's deputy Matthew Donnelly has been convicted of raping a woman during a traffic stop on New Year's Day in 2014. 

The 26-year-old woman’s unnamed boyfriend, who was admittedly not fit to drive, flagged down Donnelly as they drove through Minneola, Florida, because she was passed out.

The woman testified that when she woke up, Donnelly was by her window and she begged him not to take her boyfriend to jail. "He said he wouldn't if I just didn't tell anybody,” she said. 

Donnelly placed her boyfriend in the back of the patrol car. Though Donnelly claimed it was because he sensed tension between the couple, the victim testified that he then began groping her. 

“He just was talking to me, looked down at my crotch and told me I was (expletive) sexy,” she said. 

“I didn't know what to think," she said. "I didn't know what to feel. I just did what he wanted me to do. There was no sexual innuendo that I made him feel like it was OK to do that.”

Donnelly turned off the lights on his patrol car, disabling the dash camera, for 22 minutes. He said they were distracting. He also claimed the victim was “hysterical.”

“She was crying and repeating a lot of things,” Donnelly said. “Some of the things that she was repeating was, ‘He’s a good man. Daniel is a good man.’ At one point she was talking about they just wanted to go out for New Year’s, they’ve got kids.” 

Detectives found the victim’s DNA in Donnelly's patrol car, as well as on his hands and flashlight.

Donnelly was convicted of sexual battery by a law enforcement officer.

Sources: WFTV, WESH, Inquisitr

Photo Credit: Inquisitr


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