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Cop Confronts Woman Acting Odd On Bench After Seeing What's By Her

Cop Confronts Woman Acting Odd On Bench After Seeing What's By Her Promo Image

A Glendora, California, police officer went above and beyond the call of duty to help a disabled woman after she had her shoes stolen.

The Glendora Police Department shared the story on Facebook, explaining that they were dispatched to the scene after getting a request to do a welfare check on a disabled female. 

"Upon arrival, Officer Antillon contacted a disabled female who told him someone had stolen her shoes and her feet were hurting," the department wrote in the Facebook post.

What happened next prompted praise and applause across social media. 

"Officer Antillon quickly decided to take action and using his own money, went to the Goodwill and purchased her a new pair of shoes," the post read. "Officer Antillon also provided her with a jacket, bottle of water, and a bus pass to assist her getting home. Another officer witnessed what Officer Antillon had done and let the department know of his actions."

Many readers expressed gratitude towards the officer for being so selfless and helping the woman in her time of need.

"He wasn't just doing his job, he was doing the the right and Christian thing to do! To many have lost their jobs for doing the same things. Sad when a country has come down to more taking than giving. Thanks to all the men and women who wear blue," one Mad World News reader commented on the site's Facebook page.

"I'm glad to see positive thing about our law enforcement. There is so much negativity about them. Some of them do great things for our communities. Thank you and God bless," another wrote.

"I keep telling you, just a LEO doing what LEO's do. It happens more often and in more ways than you can imagine and you will never see or know about most of it," another added.

Many called on the mainstream media to pay more attention to the actions of law enforcement officers who do good things for people every day.

"This probably won't make MSMBC. Police have mothers, wife's and family that they can't protect all the time. I have always tried to someone in need hoping that a stranger will reach out to my love ones. Good deeds are far more prevalent by the police than people realize," one reader wrote.

"We always pray for the men & women in blue for their safety & their service but this is above & beyond. GOD BLESS our public service people," another added. 

Sources: Glendora Police Department/FacebookMad World News/Facebook / Photo credit: Unsplash via Pixabay

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