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Cop Commits Murder-Suicide After Posting Online Video About Buying Shotgun To Protect Wife (Video)

A Texas police officer and his wife were found shot dead in a murder-suicide on Wednesday, just days after the officer posted a video review online of his new shotgun, claiming he bought it to protect his wife.

Crandall police officer Sgt. Nick Pitofsky, 47, shot and killed his wife Vanessa, 42, in their Dallas-area home Tuesday before he turned the gun on himself, Dallas police reported.

The couple married just over three years ago. Vanessa allegedly revealed to a friend recently that she had to stop using Facebook because her husband was very jealous.

Pitofsky was a gun enthusiast who contributed to the Scout Tactical Channel on YouTube, demonstrating various weapons. Five days before the murder-suicide, Pitofsky posted a video on the Mossberg 500 shotgun.

“I purchased this as a self-defense weapon for my household, essentially for my wife,” he says in the video.

He said his wife "is not a big fan of it, but she understands the usefullness of it and the reality of the situation in the world we live in today."

"The wife is only 5'4'' about a buck 20," he continued, "so the recoil on this, she's not happy with it. I purchased her several handguns. She prefers to use those, but as she's used this she understands she's only going to be taking one or two shots in rapid succession. She can suffer through the pain of the recoil."

Pitofsky had worked as a patrol officer for two years.

“Nick was well respected by his peers and will be deeply missed by the city and department as a whole,” the Crandall Police Department said in a statement. “Nick was an energetic and jovial person who got along with everyone.”

“Nick was an extremely dedicated Police Officer for the City of Crandall and its citizens,” the statement said. “Sergeant Nick Pitofsky will be deeply missed by his fellow Officers.”

Sources: NBC DFW, Daily Mail


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