Cop Caught on Video Violently Shoving Woman Face-First into Concrete Bench


A recently released video shows Police Officer Michael Hart throwing Cassandra Feuerstein into a jail cell where her head crashed into a cement bench.

Feuerstein was originally arrested for DUI after she was found by police officers inside her car on the side of a road. She was not driving at the time, but asleep in the parked car.

The Chicago woman was taken to the Skokie, Ill. jail and placed in a cell. The video (below) begins when Feuerstein allegedly asked to call her husband and children.

Officer Hart calls her out of the cell, she calmly walks out, they both walk out of frame, but seconds later, Hart violently flings the 110-pound woman back into the cell.

Two other police officers assisted Feuerstein as she bled, noted NBC Chicago.

Feuerstein has filed a federal lawsuit against Officer Hart and the Village of Skokie.

In the lawsuit, she claims that Officer Hart made false statements to others in the Skokie Police Department about why he pushed Feuerstein, causing his fellow officers to write false reports.

Feuerstein also claims bones in her face were shattered, she had to have reconstructive surgery and a titanium plate was placed in her cheek.

According to Officer Hart's police report, Feuerstein was not looking at the camera while being booked and she was resisting arrest when being brought back to the cell.

However, the Cook County Attorney dropped the resisting arrest charges, and Feuerstein pleaded guilty to the DUI.

Feuerstein's lawyer Torri Hamilton, who released the video, says her client is filing the lawsuit because authorities are not charging Officer Hart.

"The video speaks for itself," Hamilton told the Chicago Tribune. "She does nothing to justify what this male police officer does. If this was a tavern fight, which of course it wasn't, it'd be like she got sucker-punched."

The Village of Skokie claims it is investigating the incident. Officer Hart was not placed on leave, but rather moved to a desk job.

Sources: Chicago Tribune and NBC Chicago



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