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Cop Caught On Video Extorting Driver: Buy These Tickets Or I Take Your Car (Video)

A Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, police officer allegedly extorted a driver and his passenger during a traffic stop and the entire event was caught on video and posted to Facebook (video below).

Police Officer Matthew Zagursky, 32, a 9-year veteran of the department, approaches the driver’s window in the video and tells him he can either buy tickets for a fundraiser to support the police department or have his car impounded, U.S. Uncut reports.

“You and your friend got any money to buy these Thrill Show tickets to support your police department,” Zagursky says to the driver. “Ten bucks each, man.”

“Either you buy these, or I take your car ‘cause it’s unregistered.” Zagursky says.

The driver agrees to pay Zagursky for the tickets.

“You got any sweetheart,” Zagursky says while the driver is getting money for the tickets.

“Yea. I’d rather take my girl then this guy,” the driver says, referring to the male passenger.

Zagursky responds with a homophobic slur.

“You don’t want to look like two fruitcakes,” Zagursky says.

Zagursky requires the driver to buy three tickets, or have the passenger pay for the third, or else have the car impounded.

“Let him buy one too, or I’ll take your s**t,” Zagursky says.

Philadelphia Police Commissioner Charles H. Ramsey had Zagursky removed from street patrol on Friday and his gun taken from him.

Ramsey said Zagursky had committed an “illegal” act and was an “embarrassment” to the force, reports.

"Nothing he did was right," Ramsey said.

An internal affairs investigation has been opened.

The identity of the driver and passenger of the vehicle remain unknown, Ramsey said. The investigation will look into the Facebook account where the video was posted with the user name Rob Stay Faded.

Sources:, U.S. Uncut

Photo Source: Screenshot/YouTube


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