Cop Calls Out Fellow Officer For Violating The Constitution (Video)

A video from July 4 showing an altercation between two police officers is quickly going viral (video below).

In the short clip, an officer can be heard berating another officer after he allegedly tried to stop some people from sitting outside of their home to watch the fireworks.

“It’s Independence Day, alright," the angry officer yells at his fellow cop. “There’s a constitution that I swear an oath to, so don’t freaking mess with these citizens, do you understand me? I know you’re not subjective (sic) to the Constitution when it comes to your job, but don’t mess with it. They have a right to their property, they have a right not to be searched by anybody, do you understand that? They have a right not to be accosted. He lives here.”

“I swore an oath to the Constitution … don’t mess with him,” the cop continues. “Do you understand me?”

The entire time the angry cop is going off, the shamed officer appears to just stand there and take it.

The video is quickly going viral, and many commenters online are applauding the angry cop for doing the right thing.

“Awesome, more cops like that please,” one LiveLeak viewer wrote.

“Wow. This guy right here should get the TOP COP of the YEAR award,” another user commented. “No truer words have been spoken. He swore the oath to the Constitution and he's living by it. What a man!”

Commenters on Reddit also noted the officer who is being called out appears to be a security guard, or as some call him, a “rent-a-cop,” based on the shirt he is wearing.

Check out footage of the confrontation below.

Sources: AboveTopSecret, LiveLeak / Photo credit: YouTube Screenshot


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