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Cop Body Slams Seventh-Grader At Bus Stop (Video)

An East Baton Rouge Parish sheriff’s deputy was filmed body slamming a seventh-grader on March 14 at a bus transfer point at a middle school in the Louisiana town after the teen allegedly was involved in a fight (video below).

"He could have broke his hip," the 13-year-old boy's mom, who chose not to be identified, told WAFB. "He could have broke his arm or anything."

The video of the deputy throwing the 80-pound boy on to some concrete went viral on social media.

"[My son] was involved in a fight and, yes, he was wrong for fighting, but yes, the officer was wrong for taking and slamming him on the ground," the mom added. "That's not the proper way to break up a fight."

Casey Hicks, a spokeswoman for the East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff’s Office, said in a statement that sometimes deputies have use force to neutralize a situation, like this one, reported WVLA:

When deputies have to respond to instances such as this, when you are dealing with combative subjects refusing to respond to verbal commands, deputies must then use force in order to neutralize the situation and ensure the safety of everyone involved.

The video shown, begins once the deputies had to move in to stop the fight. I'm sure that video prior to that moment exists, but we have not yet seen it. In this video it appears that the deputy was minimizing physical contact with the combative subject by physically lifting him from the fight and moving him from the fight.

Rather than deploy a taser or pepper spray that may affect those around the two subjects fighting the deputy physically removed the juvenile. Had the deputy tried to physically restrain the juvenile while he was combative, he may have then been required to use additional force which could have resulted in injury.

It is unfortunate when law enforcement must intervene due to individuals choosing to engage in violent behavior. There were no reported injuries nor complaints filed from this incident. We haven't received any complaint… And as far as we can tell there was no policy violations

The mom told WAFB: "They should have went and separated them, and not just go tossing them about like they are a bunch of rag dolls."

She said her son had bruises and minor cuts on his arm after the deputy body slammed him.

"I really didn't believe ithat it was him," the mom stated. "And I really didn't believe that an officer actually did that to a little child."

The mom said that her son was suspended for five days from riding the bus.

Sources: WAFB, WVLA / Photo Credit: WAFB

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